"I received the draws and they look great, very impressed.

I can hardly wait to get using these guys. I painted the inside of the box that they are going into just so it all looks brand new."

Jim Ward
Cancelli Automation And Fabrication

"AG Body manufactures quality, durable, reliable and reasonably priced products. Custom fitting is no problem. I operate a mobile repair service catering to the heavy equipment and trucking industries. I have used other mobile vehicle storage products and AG Body is by far the best fitting and functioning there is. AG Body has built me drawer units to my specs and I can store more parts and have no wasted space.

Thanks for your continued quality."

Sincerely, Casey Del Castillo
Dixie Land Diesel Services
"We keep you running for the long run!"


"Thank you for your quick response. We look forward to receiving this drawer unit. Your products are always top notch, so we look forward to doing more business with you whenever we’re in need of another custom drawer unit."

Jaime Mendieta
Vann Brothers


"These toolboxes are built like a ‘57 Chevy!"

Peter Hansen
President of Tway Co.


"Thank you very much. We received the boxes yesterday and as expected you guys ROCK they are perfect and you will have more of my orders and i will tell every one thet i get to deal with what a GREAT job you and your company done for us.... THANK YOU AGAIN."

Roy Culver
Omega-Morgan Company


"And that sir, is a badass tool box you have built...I have others but yours is top shelf...please pass on my "Hell Yeah" to the staff that built this."

The Service Crew
Meadow Ridge Farms